Collaborative Communities Management Company ("CCMC") clients include Municipalities, Special Districts (Utility/Drainage/Finance), School Districts, Private Non-Profits, Colleges/Universities/Trade Schools, Economic Development Organizations, Job Creation, Retention & Training Groups, Small Businesses, and Corporations.

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We provide our clients with innovative approaches to resilient pre- and post-disaster planning and long-term recovery. We help communities work through complex issues on social vulnerability that consider the connections between climate change adaptation, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, sustainable community planning, systems design, infrastructure upgrades and community driven initiatives. 


Our goal is to improve people's lives through the creation of beautiful places that serve to protect and enhance the human experience.  


We advise clients on:

  • FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs

  • Disaster Recovery Overlay with Planned Capital Projects

  • Land Planning that Aligns with Hazard Risk Reduction

  • Immediate and Long-Term Economic Impacts 

  • Cost-Efficient Retrofits to Buildings and Facilities

  • Water and Materials Conservation Practices

  • Socio-Cultural Considerations

  • Meaningful Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Socially and Fiscally Responsible Resilient Revitalization

        And much more!


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